When offering DayPass, be unique and different; add extra services to your DayPass for a small charge and you will be vividly remembered.

For example, you can offer DayPass users a hotel towel for €1, amenity packs for €10 or access to a courtesy room for €20. Extras of this kind are increasingly effective once your DayPass is selling well, and they can bring in up to 10% extra income.

We are going to highlight 3 extras that will increase your revenue by offsetting costs:

  • Parking:

If you have a car park in your complex, you have a bonus that will win you a lot of points over your neighbours or other holiday options. Charging a reduced rate for the car park can work very well if in addition your private car park does not have space problems; customers do not have to find a parking space for themselves and this may enable you to attract more customers who would otherwise choose a DayPass with parking included. It will not make you much profit, but it may increase sales, and that means getting more out of what your establishment already has to offer.

  • Gifts:

Something that goes perfectly with romantic packages is gifts: a glass of sparkling white wine or strawberries and cream at a certain moment during the DayPass can transform the whole experience and can make customers remember it and share that feeling with their acquaintances and close family.

Or for those who choose a day at the spa or pool, there is nothing more refreshing when the day is over than an orange juice, a piece of fresh fruit of their choice to finish off eliminating toxins or a bottle of water to hydrate the body. A minimal investment of something you already have in stock will earn you a lot more recommendations.

  • Childminding:

Many of our users want all-inclusive experiences where they have nothing to worry about can enjoy themselves with their small children or at least keep them entertained while enjoying a DayPass. So they are often looking for offers which include pools for children, splash parks or playgrounds. If you do not have these extras but you do have a childminding service, do not forget to offer it and draw attention to it in your descriptions of the package. For an affordable price the children will enjoy a special day as much as the adults and once again you will show that you are more than a one-day pass.

Tell us what you have to offer at your establishment and together we will create unforgettable DayPasses that will turn one-day customers into regular customers for overnight stays or membership of your club. Contact us at info@daypasshotel.com, visit our partners section or sign on via our form.

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