Improve total revenue. Are you a hotel/spa/resort/beach club manager? Selling daypasses can help improve revenue by maximizing the use of existing facilities. If your core activity can not grow or is stagnant, it may be time to try other income sources.

Take advantage over underactivity. You can take advantage of the under-activity of your amenities and attract customers you might not otherwise be able to capture. Many of the services you are offering have fixed expenses that you can not avoid: the maintenance of the spa is very expensive and increases little with each additional client you serve, every food service you are wasting food not consumed by your guests, common areas, swimming pools, gym … All these facilities can produce more revenue thanks to DayPass.

You have the control. You have total control over your day passes. You can decide, depending on the season, availability, price and services you want to offer.

If you want more information you can contact us in our Partners page or by email at and perhaps, become a partner. You can also ask for a business case.

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