There are more and more hotels offering us other services in addition to spending the night at their resorts, so that we can enjoy unique experiences: sporting activities, evening shows… and today we see advertisements and offers for spas everywhere, but what are the benefits of going to a spa?

At DayPass we’re going to tell you our top 3:



Total Relaxation:

When one thinks of a Spa, the word relaxation comes to mind almost straight away. After going to a spa you will feel more relaxed, you’ll forget all about the stress you were under before arriving at the spa, and your only focus will be on yourself and on your body. 

The action of the warm water and of the soft massage from the jets stimulates the creation of endorphins, marking a farewell to the feeling of tiredness.

You’ll be floating on a cloud when you leave.


Mens sana in corpore sano:

The use of water at different temperatures helps the blood vessels dilate (hot water) and in turn contract (cold water) so that the muscles of our body relax thanks to hydrotherapy. In addition, the action of the bubbles will improve problems with digestion, the urinary tract and prostate.

Say goodbye to back pain or aching muscles.


Feel like Cleopatra or an Adonis:

In addition to hydrotherapy, many Spas offer beauty treatments such as peeling, anticellulite massages or chocolate therapy. Remember that in addition to feeling more relaxed and calmer, the use of water as therapy activates the immune system, increases the metabolism and prevents hypertension.

You’ll feel better on the outside, more radiant and there are those who say that you’ll even feel younger! 

At DayPass we have all kinds of experiences:

A full day Cordial in one of the most beautiful corners of the island of Gran Canaria, you will be able to spend one day in the Glory, feel one of the best Romantic Moments with your partner, you’re bound to let yourself be carried away by the  Thalasso & Relax, and if you are looking for something different, an Axel Day, the Axel Fitness & Wellness version for sportsmen and women and for early risers who want to start the day on a different note, the Axel Morning, or the the coolest cosmopolitan meeting point, the VIP of the VIPS.

Shall we go to a Spa?

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