We want you to get the very most out of your holiday and entertainment offers for those who are not yet guests. We can bring your hotel onto client radar, and attract another profile of client. And when those clients have enjoyed the experience, they are going to want to repeat it, but not just for the day: they’ll want to enjoy the rooms and services that you reserve for guests only. How will we do this?

The answer lies in your own complex: virtually no investment + set off  overheads  + achieve cross-sales.

  • With a near-zero cost and with virtually no investment, we optimise the use of the facilities and we will increase your hotel’s total revenue.
  • By setting off the overheads for maintenance or restaurant meals, we produce greater revenue, allowing you to make much better use of all the resources of the hotel in a single day.
  • And we achieve cross-sales with drinks, sports activities, water sports or day-care services offered by the hotel.


Our success stories give evidence of this:

  • • 3,500€ average sales per hotel per month
  • More than 50% of users become return customers for the complex.
  • 47 different offers.
  • 6 countries (the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Spain, Singapore, Mexico, United States.)


Stand out from the crowd and offer a new experience. Open the doors of your hotel to new customers: they will enjoy a unique day that will no doubt make them come back again and become future regular customers.

The best publicity works by word of mouth, from the satisfied customer. What better way to get more of this type of publicity than by having customers who enjoy a single day experience? They get to know the hotel, enjoy it and they’ll want to come back for more.

In the bid to be the hotel, spa or resort of reference, don’t just offer rooms, offer new experiences and leisure options, a new concept that is tailored to the consumer and to the demands of the sector, a new form of advertising that will also improve the hotel’s profitability. Offer memories, flavours and sensations, offer DayPass.                   

Get even more from your hotel, spa, resort or beach club. We will give you advice and together we can create packages and different experiences that will ensure your establishment is full throughout the year both in terms of rooms and single day passes. Contact us at info@daypasshotel.com go into the Partners  section or sign on via our form.

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