You’ve got the job of organising your best friend’s hen party and there are so many choices that it’s driving you crazy: dinner and hit the town; apartment with girlfriends; trip to somewhere nobody knows you…

Lots of choices, yes, but either they’ve been done to death or they’re beyond your budget; all you want is to do something fun, for the future bride to have a great time (and to make her squirm a bit, but not too much) and that all the girls get to go, without any of that “I haven’t got anyone to leave the kids with at night” or “I can’t, I work the next day” appearing in the private and mega-secret group conversations.


  • Dear friend, what you’re looking for is a DayPass: a complete day in the complex of your choice out of the more than 30 options we have on offer:

    What would you prefer?

    • Spa
    • Sea
    • Pool
    • Massages
    • Club lounge
    • Beach Club
    • Yacht Club
    • All of the above!


  • With lunch or without? Or perhaps all-inclusive? 


Different types of DayPass for different groups of friends:


  • For the wildest girls who want to let it all hang loose in adult only destinations, with self-service snacks and drinks, and without worrying about lunch, you have the Axel Day at AxelBeach Maspalomas or the Best plan at the Hotel Best Tenerife (waiter service from your hammock!) Music + Pool = Guaranteed Fun.




  • If you prefer to relax and be spoiled in order to de-stress before the big day, with spa and pool included, there’s nothing like the a full day Cordial pack at Cordial Mogán Playa, or one day in the Glory at the Gloria Palace Amadores. You’ll come out like new.


  • And for those who want ALL INCLUSIVE (snacks + lunch + dinner + drinks!) you can squeeze all this out of the your bonaventura at the IFA Buenaventura Hotel Gran Canaria. Let your hair down!


Girls, shall we sign up for a DayPass?

This post is also available in: Spanish

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