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      Gain more with what you already have

      The DayPass concept is a pack of services that includes some of the following services: pool, spa, restaurant...
      How does it work?

      The hotel decides

      It is up to you to decide names of the daypasses, descriptions, what it includes, price, availability and booking period.

      Customers book

      We are experts in promoting daypasses in various channels to both local customers and tourists.

      Customers check ins and pays at reception

      Customers show the voucher of their reservation, check in, pay and enjoy.

      Hotel gets extra income

      An income that is in most cases a net revenue since its leveraging the underused service of the hotel.


      Cantidad media aproximada de beneficios del hotel si vende
      average sales per hotel per month.
      Average 2,2 persons per booking

      Cross - Sales

      The customer who uses DayPass is likely to buy drinks and other services at the hotel.

      Fewer cases of "non-customers”

      With this service in place, we discourage people from sneaking into the hotel.

      Hotel Promotion / Conversion

      Making the hotel known to customers who can turn into conventional customers, who will stay overnight once they’ve enjoyed the services of the hotel.

      No matter what part of the world is your hotel

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