When looking for new experiences on a web full of leisure options, what do our customers find in DayPass? What makes us stand out for those that choose our services? To continue improving the range of plans we offer we have asked ourselves these and other questions, and have drawn some interesting conclusions:


Why: “Breaking with Routine”

The statistics on visits to our website confirm something we had already guessed. Our users base their decisions on a fundamental principle: “breaking with routine”. Whether as a couple or with family or friends, the most successful plans are those that transport you to another world. More than just a day at the beach or the swimming pool, our customers are looking for a complete experience where they can immerse themselves and forget about tedium and monotony.


What: “Spa/Thalassotherapy”

The star activity among our visitors is the combination of health and relaxation offered by spa or thalassotherapy circuits. Accompanied by lunch or drinks in the evening, it is definitely one of most persuasive options our partners have to offer. There is no better gift than a whole day devoted to taking care of ourselves.


Who with: “Enjoying It as a Couple”

But who do they usually share this special day with? At DayPass we offer packages for the whole family, but the favourites on our portal are those that can be enjoyed as a couple. A glass of cava after a relaxing thermal bath, seeing the sunset in comfort from our Bali bed or strolling along an exclusive beach by Isla Corazón are some of the initiatives that win our customers’ hearts.


If your hotel or resort wants to adapt its day passes to the needs of DayPass users, do not hesitate to contact us at info@daypasshotel.com and we will work together to create the best offer.


This post is also available in: Spanish

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